Odlične video lekcije za početni engleski

Šta ste sve saznali o Stivenu, slušajući ovaj video ?

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ramonda said…
I am Mirjana.Nice to meet you,too.
This is my friend Stephen.
Where is he from?
He is from Ireland.He is Irish.
How old is he?
He is 28 years old.
Does he have any brothers or sisters?
Yes,he hes one brother and one sister.
He is not a only child.
He works as a teacher and he wants to talk with us.
Anonymous said…
Marina zdravo,
Hvala za prvu lekciju
Divna said…
My name is Divna.I`m from Serbia. I`m Serb. I was born in Kraljevo.I live in Belgrade. I`m seventy three. I have one brother and two sons. My brother lives in Pacevo. He has one daughter and two grandchildren. His grandchildren are boys-twins. My older son has one daughter and one son. My younger son has one daughter. My sons` children are small.