Engleski jezik za početnike

Engleski jezik za početnike

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April 1, 2011


Anonymous said...

I not work in bar.
I am student.
I not cook.
I the play.

Marina said...

Thanks for the comment!
Razumela sam prve tri rečenice, ali ne i poslednju :( Inače, ispravne rečenice bi bile:
1. I don't work in a bar.
2. I am a student (falilo je samo ovo malo "a")
3. I'm not a cook.
4. I play (ako ste hteli da kažete "ja (se) igram")

Unknown said...

I am on vacation and i rest at home, i don't work anywhere.
I don't know to cook, but i want to try it soon.
Usually, my mom serve food at home.
I'm a student on first year at High School in Pozarevac.
I usually drink a juice, sometimes the water.
I don't live in castle, live in small but a nice house for me, i really don't need nothing bigger.
I write English words and definitions for some times in English like a simple present tense, in my notebook.

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