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Engleski za početnike

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Gramatika engleskog

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Primeri poredjenja po jednakosti u engleskom

Ako ste ranije naišli na blog post na temu poređenja po jednakosti, a želeli bi da se podsetite kako se ovo poređenje koristi, evo jedne simpatične pesme u kojoj  možete da čujete i  "pročitate" nekolio stihova sa "as...as" : On the BrightSide


ramonda said...

My son is not at home right now.He is in a big room with a lot of other children.They are very loud.He is often sad when he have to go to this place.He actually hates it.he says that he is sometimes afraid, but most of the time he is bored there.On the bright side every day he meets some good friends there.

Divna said...

I am not as beautiful as my brother.
She is as good as her mother.
They are as honest as all good people.
He is as intelligent as his friend.

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