Engleski jezik za početnike

Engleski jezik za početnike

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January 14, 2012

Engleski jezik uz ukulele :)

  1. What's the rabbit's name ?
  2. What's the bear's name ?
  3. What instrument does the rabbit play ?
  4. Where  do they play the ukulele ?
  5. What are their favourite things ?
  6. Can they surf ?
  7. Can they swim ?
  8. What does "though" mean ?


Anonymous said...

The rabbit name is Usagino.
The bear name is Kumano.
The rabbit plays guitar.
They play ukulele on beach and in the park on grass and in studio on chair and in café.
Their favorite things are ukulele and guitar and pianica and their friend cat.
They can’t surf because they don’t know swim.
Though means*mada* in Serbia.
Pravdic Marko

Marija M. said...

1. Rabbit's name is USAGINO U.
2. Bear's name is KUMANO 900.
3. Rabbit plays UKULELE.
4. They play ukulele in the park, beach, studio, cafe.
5. They favorite things is ukulele, guitar, pianica and cat.
6. They can't surf.
7. They can't swim.
8. Though mean--mada, iako.

ramonda said...

1.The rabbit`s name is Usagino.
2.The bear`s name is Kumano.
3.The rabbit plays Ukulele.
4.They play on the sand,on the grass,on a chair,where are served:honey,tasty and vegetable juice.
5.Ukulele cause it`s tiny and cute.
Guitar is a bit to large to reach the first fret for rabbit.
Pianica sound gets in bear`s mouth when it play on beach.
6.They can`t surf.
7.They can`t swim.

Marina said...

@Marko, Marija and Mirjana, thanks for your comments! I'll add all three replies into our comments Vyew page :)

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